Established in 2020, amidst a global pandemic, the V.I.D.A. System was built and designed to help mental health and wellness professionals create time, financial, and location freedom with multiple streams of income by designing innovative ways of providing wellness. Additionally, we are a Latinx and female-owned corporation that provides training for practice development that advocates for growth amongst wellness professionals as well as corporations.



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Vida Wellness Library

$300 (Valued at $500)

 A digital wellness library catered and created to your needs to help you thrive with an abundant amount of resources specifically chosen by wellness professionals. Vida therapy's mission is to motivate you in remaining accountable in the healing space whether you are an individual in search of wellness or a healer looking for great resources while providing services to your clients.

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Latinx with Difficult Mothers

$497 (Valued at $797)

Do you have a mama con drama? Then this VidaCourse is for you! Find support in this course for Latinx individuals who are looking to share their experiences with mamas who have an opinion or two, have a strong personality, and much more!


"At Vida we strive for excellence in creating digital products that serve the wellness community professionally and personally. Due to high demand, we are now providing individuals the ability of pre-order what you need through a VIP experience and skip the wait."

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Build A Bae

Do you dread being alone forever? Then this VidaCourse is for you! Find support in this course for an interactive hands-on approach to manifesting the partner you need versus want.  


Practice and Product Document Templates

An array of templates ready for use in private practice and for selling your products and services. Whether you are starting and or upgrading your practice these forms will save you a huge amount of time and money! Bonus: Spanish templates included for providers serving the Spanish-speaking, Latinx community.


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We Broke Up, Now What?

An online course designed to help you survive your breakup.

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